Tricontinental proposes to be a fulcrum between political movements and academic production. We would like to cultivate closer ties between the agendas of political movements and intellectuals, and to stimulate debate in both the movements and in intellectual circles around issues of great importance for our times. To produce useful research and to stimulate important debates, we will produce materials that we hope will contribute to ongoing discussions and build a network of left-leaning intellectuals.

To read an interview with Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research Director Vijay Prashad and Red Pepper Magazine about our work, click here. 

As part of our project, we will focus on the following activities:



A weekly newsletter will come from the Institute with crisp news and analysis of contemporary developments. To receive the newsletters, please click “subscribe” below.



Every month, the Institute will release a dossier on a contemporary crisis from an anti-imperialist perspective. This dossier will provide the context for the crises and will offer resources for deeper investigation into it from different angles. To receive the dossier, write to



Some of the debates and work being done in the academy is crucial information and analysis for political movements and for students. At the same time, the work of political movements – and their theory – is often not easily accessible to the general public, who would benefit from reading an assessment of the challenges for and the innovations of political movements.The Notebook will provide a window into the world of intellectual debate inside academic circles and political movements – indispensable for other political movements and for students of politics. For more information on our notebooks, write to


Research Papers

The Institute – guided by our social and political movements – will assemble research teams to conduct precise academic-quality research on problems that we do not clearly understand and for whom, therefore, we have no path for a solution. These research teams will work of between six months and one year to produce a well-researched academic quality paper, which will be circulated for discussion and debate – as a working document – before being published as a final report. For more information on these research teams, write to



Each year, the Institute will publish a book that collects interviews with movement leaders, with essays on the state of Marxism and the Left in different parts of the world, with a section on Left history and another on Left culture. For more information on the annual journal, please write to


Conference and Seminars

The Institute will organise conferences and seminars to stimulate discussion about issues of importance to our social and political movements and to enhance understanding about contemporary dynamics in our world.